Top Take-Out Fan Favorite

I've picked my three favorite take-out spots, but of all the places I've been, you've decided that your favorite is...

...a tie between Christian's Pizza and Beer Run. Personally, I was hoping we'd end up with a clear winner, but each of these places is deserving, so I guess it's not so bad.

Congratulations to all the 2009 winners, and stay tuned for more reviews in 2010.

Happy New Year's Eve, everyone.


Top Take-Out Winner #3

And my final 2009 Top Take-Out Trophy goes to...

This was hands down some of my favorite take-out of the year. Fresh, authentic, and exceptionally flavorful, La Michoacana is the real-deal taquería we've all been waiting for, and I hope to see much more of them in 2010.

Don't forget to vote for your favorite take-out spot. Someone needs to break the tie between Christian's and Beer Run in the next 6 days so I can award the Fan Favorite Trophy.

Happy Holidays everyone!


Top Take-Out Winner #2

And the second winner of a 2009 Top Take-Out Trophy is...

I didn't review the take-out from A Taste of China (Peter Chang's current project), so I can't compare it to Café 88's, but I can say that Ms. NLaC88 makes some wonderful food of her own and is more than deserving of an accolade or two. I don't go there as often as I should, but whenever I've want authentic Chinese take-out, Café 88 has never disappointed.

Come back next week for the third Top Take-Out Award! And don't forget to vote for your favorite take-out spot of the year!


Top Take-Out Winner #1

And the first Top Take-Out Trophy of 2009 goes to...

Not bad for place that didn't exist four months ago. Since my initial review back in September, I've been a pretty regular customer of the Market, and I have yet to eat anything bad there. Kudos especially for their corn-on-the-cob...it's still the best I've ever had.

Come back next week to see who wins the second Top Take-Out Trophy, and don't forget to vote for the Top Take-Out Fan Favorite!


cville to go's 2009 Top Take-Out Awards

Besides bringing colder weather, the holidays, and the end of the college football season, December is also the month of "Best Of" lists, so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and add my own.

Since I've only visited about 25 different places this year, I'll be awarding three Top Take-Out Trophies over the next few weeks to my favorite take-out spots so far, and then one more for Fan Favorite. The poll for Fan Favorite is just to the right, so please vote! The poll will close at midnight on December 30 (one minute after 11:59pm December 29).

Thanks to everyone for following this blog. I really do appreciate it. Stay tuned for the first Top Take-Out Trophy!