cville to go's 2009 Top Take-Out Awards

Besides bringing colder weather, the holidays, and the end of the college football season, December is also the month of "Best Of" lists, so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and add my own.

Since I've only visited about 25 different places this year, I'll be awarding three Top Take-Out Trophies over the next few weeks to my favorite take-out spots so far, and then one more for Fan Favorite. The poll for Fan Favorite is just to the right, so please vote! The poll will close at midnight on December 30 (one minute after 11:59pm December 29).

Thanks to everyone for following this blog. I really do appreciate it. Stay tuned for the first Top Take-Out Trophy!


  1. *ahem* there seems to be something missing from the fan favorite list...I know we're over the mountain, but you DID write a review of several local establishments, so you would think they'd be eligible for fan favorite!

  2. yeah, you got me on that one. in my defense, i only went to two places in h'burg, and though very good, i decided to focus my trophy-giving on charlottesville places only. i am a cville blog, after all.