subject: Feast!
take-out vehicle: paper bag
cost: $7.63

In all honesty, the Main Street Market is one of my favorite places in Charlottesville. I have no idea how many times I've been there, whether it be for fish, flowers, picnic eats, or kitchen supplies, but I had no idea that Feast! was such a happening weekday lunch spot. It was kinda crazy. I was especially surprised by the fact that most of the customers were cute sorority-type girls. (Not that I'm into sorority girls necessarily, but you know, I can appreciate them. Anyway...)

Though tempted by the rows of pre-made and handsomely wrapped sandwiches, my patience paid off in the form of a panini-pressed grilled cheese with roasted tomatoes and roasted turkey. As a whole, it was rich and flavorful. As components, the bread was slightly oiled and crispy, and the cheese, turkey, and tomatoes were dense and satisfying. I wouldn't want it during the summer months, but it sure hit the spot today.

The white bean salad I chose as a side turned out to be an excellent counterpoint. It offered a light vinaigrette dressing, briny capers, crunchy carrots and celery, and of course plenty of white beans.

All in all, I really have no complaints, though if I were in a hurry I'd probably have to opt for the pre-made selections. My wait turned out to be kinda fun, however, since it gave me a chance to browse all the other goodies around the store. There were fancy wines, salts from every sea, sweet meyer lemons, a ridiculously cute blonde, all kinds of artisan cheeses...(sigh).

I love that place.

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  1. ah...who doesn't appreciate the occasional sorority girl? :-)